Stopmo-VR? Phil Tippett’s Mad GOD launches into a new dimension


Phil Tippett’s stop motion passion project, Mad GOD, is getting its VR release via Wevr. The virtual reality experience made by Kaleidoscope and Wevr puts you among the hand-crafted puppets of this crazy Tippett world.

It will be released on the Wevr Transport platform on the Samsung Gear VR. And you can also watch the behind the scenes video, Fever Dreams – Phil Tippett & The Making of Mad God VR, below.

A VIEW conference primer

img_6042I’ll soon be in Turin, Italy for the VIEW Conference – hope to catch up with people there – it starts on 24 October. Please come say hi! And it’s not too late to get tickets, either.

Getting to Turin is easy, there’s flights from all over Europe and also of course from Rome. I’ll be coming all the way from Sydney.

If you’re looking for a quick guide to what to see, here’s some highlights in VFX, animation and VR – just writing these up has made me realise again how BIG the names are.

Animation at VIEW

DreamWorks on Trolls with the directors of the movie. Disney on Zootopia with the director of the movie. And Sausage Party’s director, too. Holy freakin’ cow. Plus there are talks on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory, more on Kubo and the Two Strings from LAIKA and the producer of Warner Bros’ Storks. And Sony Pictures Animation on their Open Season short and Moonbot Studios will be there too. That’s a lot of animation firepower.


Rob Legato on The Jungle Book, ILM’s Roger Guyett with The Force Awakens, ILM’s Russell Earl with Civil War, Steve Emerson from Laika on Kubo. And that’s only a couple of the VFX-related presentations. There’s also more from MPC about The Jungle Book, Atomic Fiction on Deadpool and Imageworks on Alice Through the Looking Glass. Plus Marvel’s Victoria Alonso is going to be there to discuss their pipeline – that is a huge deal.


Not to be outdone by VFX and animation presentations, VR is big at VIEW. There’s ILMxLAB, Baobab Studios, Google, Nexus and more. Donald Greenberg,
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics at Cornell University, is also delivering a keynote on VR.


OK, so they are the big things at VIEW (not to mention workshops, stuff on games, the recruitment sessions and the VIEW Awards). So should you make a last minute plan to go? I’d highly recommend it. Last year, VIEW was one of most intimate conferences I attended, which means you really do get in-depth presentations and then access to the speakers and other industry people. That’s pretty rare.

Have another final look at the program and decide for yourself.

‘Run with it’: designing a huge VFX sequence


Some of the most intensive work for visual effects artists on any project can be when they are asked to design characters, environments and even shots – often from scratch. That creative process is a mix of concept design, devising a shooting methodology and technical R&D. All of those things were required on director James Bobin’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, when he called on Sony Pictures Imageworks to help realize the Oceans of Time sequence.

When the film was released in May, vfxblog spoke to Imageworks visual effects supervisor Jay Redd, who worked alongside senior visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston. Back then, no imagery from the Oceans of Time sequence was available, which made telling the story of how the shots were created difficult to tell. However, Imageworks has now delivered a great video breakdown (see below) which prompted us to now post our interview with Redd. There are also images from and links to a paper (available for free download) presented by the Looking Glass Imageworks team at DigiPro 2016 which dives into the use of Houdini and other tools to complete the shots.

Hope you enjoy revisiting this incredible work from the film. Continue reading ‘Run with it’: designing a huge VFX sequence

Dream interview: Steve Williams & Mark Dippé


Ever since I saw the making of featurettes for films like Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, I’ve known about Steve Williams and Mark Dippé. They were at ILM in the early days of CG visual effects, but they also quickly attained notoriety for being rebellious. At Trojan Horse, I sat down with the duo for a candid chat about the visual effects industry. Here it is at Cartoon Brew.

Ben West’s latest short has legs


You might know Ben West from his incredible short FUGU & TAKO. He’s now creative director at Framestore in LA and he’s back with a new short film called OtherHalf, about a man whose legs have a different idea to living their lives than the rest of its body. Check out the film below and then read vfxblog’s interview with West about how he and Framestore made it. Continue reading Ben West’s latest short has legs