“Strange is looking at his hands you see other hands coming from everywhere engulfing his body, grabbing the shirt and everything. He looks at his hands and there was a plate for that but then we had to switch it very quickly to CG in order to be able to control all the creases and the wrinkles and everything that are being caused by the hands climbing on him. And then even the face had to be redone in CG in order to get the proper expression, especially when you get into the hands when they just kind of a projection gag. It’s kind of an old gag, but it’s when you project something onto an object and if you project it from a certain perspective and you look from another point of view it doesn’t make any sense, like, completely abstract. But as you move the camera around and emit the camera that the picture was projected from then the picture can make sense.” – Method Studios vfx supervisor Olivier Dumont.