A home-grown VFX event

Lately I’ve been super lucky to visit some visual effects and animation events around the world. But one of the first events I ever went to – before I even worked in VFX – was the Australian Effects and Animation Festival.

It’s still going, and it’s run by Digital Media World magazine, although now it has the slightly different name of the Animation Effects Awards Festival (AEAF). The event is over two days on 15 and 16 August at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney – a very cool place to hold an event like this, I might add.

The speakers already announced are pretty incredible, and the two days conclude with an awards ceremony. So if you’re in Sydney on those days, I’d highly recommend attending.

Just check out some of these speakers:

There’s more information at the AEAF website: http://aeaf.tv. I’ll be there too, so please come say hi.