Engineer crew

We had in excess of a hundred mummified Engineers, which were Pompeii-esque, and they all had to be eight feet tall, so they’re these huge bodies. They were built in a model kit kind of way. They started as ZBrush designs. And then we broke them down so that the arms and torso and head and legs were split up, and we got those CNC cut out of poly, and then they were re-textured and sculpted, moulded and cast. The mould dept was headed up by Gordon Hobkirk. As mentioned, from those moulds, urethane biscuit foam copies were made and then they were constructed in a way that we could torture them and make them all look individual. There was an engineer crew, not only producing and constructing all these mummified corpses, but making each one different and unique. The construction and on set supervision of the mummy’s were overseen by Courtney Hudson and Adriana Narai, assisted by Kes Harrison, Jerry Washington and Zebulan Tildon. The whole engineer mummy team did a brilliant job.