franco body

This dummy was made for James Franco’s death scene. A lot of characters die in some horrible deaths, and so depending on how that happens, we built appropriate puppets for those scenes. The armatures and mechs for these puppets were built by Thomas Van Koeverden, Graham Riddell and Paul Trefrey. There’d be decapitations, there’d be back of heads being split open, characters being burnt alive. And all the puppets were animatronic and fully articulated and armatured puppets. The body’s were run in silicone by Suzi Battersby and Tristan Lucas. We had a great finishing crew doing all the hair punching, beautiful paint work, eyes, everything like that. Kala Andrews, Alice Baueris, Emily James, Jess Reedy, Kitty Latham, Nikola Davis, Rachel Coenen and Joe Garcia. Those guys were always REALLY under the pump.