xeno body sculpt adam dom 2

During the shoot, the scariest white-knuckle kind of shots involved Andrew Crawford running in the full scale suit. There’s a really long platform that the Xenomorph is seen running down amongst all the dead engineers. Andrew, who is a dancer actually, is about 6” 4’, slim build with a fantastic sense of movement. He’d never done anything like this before, and here he is in this suit with very limited vision, weight restrictions on his head, on these carbon fiber blades, running down an angle. So I’d be there right before the shot holding him. And he’s got one of our hero heads on the top of his own head. So he runs down this platform onto gravel, like big rocky gravel, and it was scary! The whole crew were holding their breath during the takes. I was very concerned about Andrew and concerned about the suit. But he did it, he pulled it off.