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Month: September 2017

A hot tip for VIEW: get there a day early for the workshops and masterclasses


Most of the incredible visual effects and animation talks at the upcoming VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy start on Tuesday 24th October. But if you’re in town on Monday 23rd October, I would definitely suggest heading to the masterclasses and workshops.

Now, if you already have a ‘full access’ pass to VIEW, then you’re all set for both the masterclasses and workshops. Otherwise, you can buy individual tickets to attend the workshops and masterclasses. There’s a lot of diverse subjects to choose from, and a lot of short or longer ones, too, from digestible 2 hour sessions to half-days and full days! Many are on that first Monday, while others continue through the week.

Here’s my take on just a few of the must-see masterclasses and workshops to check out at VIEW.

Behind the scenes of the miniature effects in ‘The Orville’


In a new official video from Fox, The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane and visual effects supervisor Robert Legato discuss shooting the model of the titular spacecraft in the film. The ship is also brought to life by CGI but it’s so great to see that practical effects are a big part of this show. Some of the make-up and creature effects also look fantastic.

‘Son of Jaguar’ is a VR short I really enjoyed


I’m going to be honest, I get really motion sick in VR. But it’s not what happened when I watched Jorge Gutierrez’s Son of Jaguar at SIGGRAPH at the VR Theater – this short made by Reel FX knows how to respect audience space and audience viewing habits in VR. Gutierrez and I had a chat at the conference about how he had to learn new things in directing Son of Jaguar, and you can read the transcript at Cartoon Brew.

Now writing for…Syfy!


I got the chance to contribute some fx-related pieces to – here’s the first which looks back at some of the best creature fx from the 70s and 80s. And I managed to speak to The Fly’s creature creator Chris Walas.

Gemini Man – the early test


Ang Lee is making Gemini Man, where a spy confronts a younger version of himself. That’s likely to use de-ageing or CG human tech to show both characters together in the same scene. But it turns out an early test was done for this film several years ago at Disney. Here’s my look back at Cartoon Brew.