The week that was at FMX 2018


I’m now back in Sydney but last week I had an extraordinary time at FMX in Stuttgart. There I was lucky enough to introduce several killer VFX and animation presentations, and host my own track – ‘Then & Now’ – with Chris Wedge from Blue Sky Studios and Phil Tippett. Another highlight was moderating an animation directors panel with Wedge, Shannon Tindle and David Silverman (who sang the Spider-Pig song from The Simpsons Movie; I’ll never forget it).

In addition, FMX was an incredible time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Plus get to see what’s happening in the industry. One thing I always love at FMX, too, is that the presenters regularly get to show behind the scenes material that can’t be shown anywhere else.

The FMX team made this highlights video, below, which I think really shows off the high calibre of speakers and attendees to the conference. Can’t wait for 2019 already!  Keep an eye on their website.