Thanks to Fox Renderfarm for sponsoring vfxblog


My thanks to Fox Renderfarm for coming on board as a new sponsor of I’m grateful to them for helping me continue publishing a whole bunch of original content here, including retro VFX pieces.

Many VFX and animation studios already rely on Fox Renderfarm for cloud rendering, and they are one of the leaders in the field. There’s a bunch of case studies of companies and how they’ve taken advantage of Fox Renderfarm here.

vfxblog readers will soon be able to access some exclusive rendering credits from Fox Renderfarm with a special sign-up code. Look out for that on my Twitter feed.

And if you’re also interested in sponsoring vfxblog, please email me.

Thanks to ftrack for sponsoring vfxblog


My thanks to ftrack for its continued sponsorship of As regular vfxblog readers would already know, this site is a repository of links to my articles for various publications, but there’s also a whole host of original visual effects and animation stories, interviews and observations that I also publish here, so it’s great to get some support in making that possible.

Many of my friends in visual effects and post-production already use ftrack as their go-to planning and project management tool. I recommend checking out their recent case study on Luma Pictures’ work for Thor: Ragnarok to find out more.

And if you’re also interested in sponsoring vfxblog, please email me.