My SIGGRAPH round-up

Digital Arts asked me to round-up the recent events at SIGGRAPH 2017 – you can read that here. Also coming is a look at some specific super-cool things I saw there. It was truly an awesome event, so much more to say than there is time in the world!

VFX trends for 2017

Digital Arts asked me what I thought were the big trends coming for 2017 in VFX. My view is: digital humans and even better digital characters, more practical fx, more vfx houses getting into anim and their own IP, and a big Oscar VFX upset.

The best of SIGGRAPH

I’ve just started writing for Digital Arts – what a cool publication. Here’s my first two pieces which are round-ups from SIGGRAPH 2016 and the best VR, VFX, real-time, gaming and the job market.