Kong VFX – a brief history

Inverse does some fun retro pieces, especially when a new film is coming out. I was stoked they asked me to write a brief history of visual effectsbrief history of visual effects used in King Kong movies.

The best Harry Potter vfx…so far

With Fantastic Beasts out, Inverse asked me to write a retrospective on the best Harry Potter vfx scenes from the franchise so far. It was HARD to choose, but here they are. I also managed to grab some extra info from Jim Mitchell, the vfx supe for Goblet of Fire about the creation of the Hungarian…

A short retrospective in Godzilla VFX

Shin Godzilla is having a run in U.S. cinemas, so the guys at Inverse asked me to look back at where the franchise has used special effects. Loved revisiting the man-in-suit, miniatures and CG work.

Beetlejuice was just the beginning

Tim Burton’s newest film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is out soon, and it made me think just how many of the director’s films are either huge VFX blockbusters or do a great job of using subtle – but a lot – of effects. So I wrote about it for Inverse.

Spike gets it

The best commercials are more art projects, right?  I think most of what Spike Jonze makes is exactly that, which is why his latest perfume spot for KENZO is so watchable. And it also happens to have a bunch of seamless vfx from Digital Domain, which I wrote about at Inverse.

Bark like a dog, and other director advice

Inverse had me ask a bunch of visual effects supervisors what the best direction was they had received from directors they’ve worked with. Check out their responses for some pretty cool insights from directors like Sam Raimi, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ang Lee and others. And thanks to Todd Vaziri for the idea behind this one. Link…

Stop. Stop-motion.

Laika’s work on Kubo was just incredible, and although it hasn’t been a huge success, it showed off the magic that still exists in stop-motion animation. So I took at look at some present and previous innovations in the field, for Inverse.

Trek moved vfx history a long way

For Inverse, I wrote about some of the big developments, like original models, the first CG sequence in a feature film, TV VFX and the newest warp speed stuff for Beyond.

Return of the Slimer

How the vfx team on Ghostbusters brought back Slimer, Stay Puft and used new innovations to make the ghosts possible (like LED’s on set). A new piece for Inverse.