Seven years of dragons

What the VFX teams have been able to do over six series of Game of Thrones is incredible – and there looks like some even more amazing CG dragon work to come this series. For Thrillist, I talked to BlueBolt, Pixomondo and Rhythm & Hues about their dragon VFX so far.

The Beast within

Disney were super-secretive about how the Beast was made in Beauty and the Beast. But now, with a making of video of Digital Domain’s work released, they’ve let information out. I talked to some of the DD team and wrote a quick how-to on Thrillist.

American Gods. Woh.

It’s kind of amazing where vfx in TV is going, isn’t it? American Gods is one of the new shows with such innovative and story-related VFX. I talked to the VFX team for both Thrillist and Cartoon Brew. You gotta see this show.

The origins of The Lawnmower Man are more surprising than you think

Thrillist asked me to look into The Lawnmower Man, Brett Leonard’s VR horror/thriller from 1992 and which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. I talked to the director and found out some neat things about his approach to the story and visual effects. Check it out here, and stay tuned for more vfx-focused retro…

The language of Arrival

Arrival is the best movie of 2016. I was lucky enough to speak to production designer Patrice Vermette about how he designed the alien language logograms, which are fantastic. Read the story at Thrillist.

The Trip

Thrillist asked me to look back at some psychedelic visual effects in movie history, in honour of Doctor Strange’s incredible shots. Here’s my list.

Movies that were saved by special effects

Thrillist asked me to come up with some examples of where movies were ‘saved’ by special fx. And I had a lot of fun coming up with this list, which included Kevin Costner’s merman ears and Ryan Reynolds’ penis.