VFX_on_DVD: Warcraft

There’s a couple of big films released recently that I think are going to have great Bluray and DVD releases. One of them is Warcraft, partly because of the opportunity to see some of the extensive art direction, production and visual effects that went on behind the film. Already you can check out a taste of the DVD featurettes, including this one on ILM’s giant wolves. Also includes some brief remarks from vfx supe Bill Westenhofer and animation supe Hal Hickel. Bluray and DVD is out 27 September.

Dragons in VFX: extended interviews


Recently, Inverse asked me to write a short history of dragons in visual effects, and I showcased some of the incredible work done in stop motion through to the latest in computer graphics. While researching I spoke to a bunch of the visual effects supervisors behind those dragons, including Phil Tippett, Dan Deleeuw, Sven Martin and Derek Spears. There wasn’t space in the Inverse piece to feature all of the great detail these supes went into, so I thought I’d post their answers at vfxblog. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading Dragons in VFX: extended interviews

Off the wall with the makers of cineSync and Frankie


Some of the most-used apps in visual effects and post-production are ones that audiences rarely get to see. I’m talking about Cospective’s cineSync, a mainstay in teleconferencing reviews, and Frankie, the company’s browser-based solution. I don’t often have the opportunity to cover the use of these tools, so I thought I’d have some fun with the team, who are based in Adelaide. Here they answer my questions about their favourite content right now, what they’ve heard about their tools in production and some blue sky ideas for where the tools could find other, more unconventional, uses… Continue reading Off the wall with the makers of cineSync and Frankie