VFX Voice on The Last Jedi

What a thrill to chat to ILM vfx supe Ben Morris about The Last Jedi (we did this a few months before the film was out – it was tough!). VFX Voice magazine has the story.

Re-visiting Jumanji

Anyone who saw Jumanji in the 90s knew that CG and VFX was already changing films forever. I got to chat to former ILM animation supervisor and now director Kyle Balda about his work on it, for VFX Voice magazine.

The VFX magic of ‘The Shape of Water’

Recently, I was able to interview several of the effects filmmakers behind Guillermo del Toro’s amazing The Shape of Water. You can check those pieces out at VFX Voice and Cartoon Brew. The film has also been shortlisted in the final 10 movies for consideration for the visual effects Oscar, and will be at the VFX…

Ten things I learned from ILM about ‘The Last Jedi’s’ space battles

Space battles are synonymous with Star Wars films. The original trilogy is fondly remembered for ILM’s use of motion control and miniatures. These days, like on The Last Jedi, digital ship models, photorealistic rendering and simulated crashes and explosions are of course the norm. But to ensure the space battles in this latest Star Wars adventure…

Blade Runner 2049: going deep with DNEG

Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 is one of the 10 films short-listed for the VFX Oscar. I’ve covered several aspects of the film so far including with overall visual effects supervisor John Nelson, but here is a brand new interview with Double Negative visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert. DNEG was responsible for views of future…

Latest VFX Voice pieces…there’s a lot

The latest VFX Voice magazine – January 2018 – has a whole bunch of features I was able to contribute to, and I’ll run through them over the next few days. First up is a piece looking at the VFX Oscar contenders.

How to: Rey & Kylo vs. Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard

The moment Rey and Kylo Ren take on Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard’s is one of the many highlights from Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi. I’ll have more on how Industrial Light & Magic crafted Snoke soon, but here’s overall visual effects supervisor Ben Morris on how that lightsaber fight scene, which was overseen by ILM…

Paddington 2 pop-up fun

Go and see Paddington 2. Just see it. It’s so good. Here’s a look at how Framestore pulled off that cool pop-up book sequence, at VFX Voice.