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Off the wall with the makers of cineSync and Frankie


Some of the most-used apps in visual effects and post-production are ones that audiences rarely get to see. I’m talking about Cospective’s cineSync, a mainstay in teleconferencing reviews, and Frankie, the company’s browser-based solution. I don’t often have the opportunity to cover the use of these tools, so I thought I’d have some fun with the team, who are based in Adelaide. Here they answer my questions about their favourite content right now, what they’ve heard about their tools in production and some blue sky ideas for where the tools could find other, more unconventional, uses…

The best of SIGGRAPH


I’ve just started writing for Digital Arts – what a cool publication. Here’s my first two pieces which are round-ups from SIGGRAPH 2016 and the best VR, VFX, real-time, gaming and the job market.

Massive’s Stephen Regelous on future AI, competition and a Massive app?


When Massive (Multiple Agent Simulation System in Virtual Environment) was first revealed to the world in 2001 as part of the release of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, it stunned audiences – and the visual effects community – with its use of fuzzy logic to aid in crowd animations. Developed at Weta Digital by Stephen Regelous, Massive then became a product on its own. Regelous has continued to build and grow Massive and recently at SIGGRAPH he showed off a new Parts Library and the new 3ds Max integration. vfxblog sat down for a demo of the latest software and a chat with Regelous about the state of AI and where Massive is ‘at’, particularly in an environment with new crowd simulation competitors and perhaps new opportunities away from film and TV.