LEGO Movie 2 at 3D Artist

I wrote the cover feature for the latest 3D Artist magazine, on Animal Logic’s work for The LEGO Movie 2. Lots of fun doing this one.

The VFX of Mary Poppins Returns

For VFX Voice, I asked Mary Poppins Returns vfx supervisor Matt Johnson about practical fx, combining 2D animated characters with live-action, and other work in the film.

Isle of Dogs and VFX

Every single frame of Isle of Dogs was touched by VFX, making for a great combination between hand-animated stop-motion, sets, and digital artistry. Read more in my VFX Voice story.

New stunning ‘First Man’ VFX featurette

Just in time for the VFX bake-off, Universal has released a First Man VFX reel featuring the practical, miniature and digital effects work for the film. Check it out below: If you’d like to go further into the work, I talked earlier to visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert from DNEG and miniatures effects supervisor Ian…

A whole new 3D World

The latest 3D World mag has a couple of my features in it: Weta Digital’s work on Mortal Engines, DNEG’s approach to animation, and more Stephan Fleet vfx diary insights.