On the 20th anniversary of The X-Files Movie: ‘splosions!

In my book, Masters of FX, I profiled 16 visual and special effects supervisors about their bodies of work. One of those was Ian Hunter, who, through Hunter/Gratzner Industries and New Deal Studios, has contributed a wealth of practical, miniature, and other effects work for large scale films and other projects. Hunter supervised the miniature…

2001: a 50 year space odyssey

When I wrote Masters of FX, one of the many highlights was speaking to visual effects supervisor Doug Trumbull. He, of course, was the pioneer behind several of the effects sequences in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which celebrates its 50th anniversary today. 2001 is still one of those films effects practitioners refer to…

Summer films = image makers

Been to so many film screenings recently, mainly big, big Hollywood films. This para James Cameron wrote for Masters of FX foreword always sticks in my mind.

Masters of FX

Check out my book, Masters of FX, from Ilex and Focal Press, which features interviews with 16 of the world’s best visual effects supervisors and a foreword by James Cameron.