Come for the VIEW, stay for the workshops and masterclasses


Here at vfxblog, we’ve already previewed a bunch of great talks set to happen at the VIEW conference in Turin, which takes place 22-26 October. But there’s also a wealth of workshops and masterclasses on offer during the event. Here’s our top five:

1. Designing the Monster

In this masterclass, ILM animation supervisor Glen McIntosh will dive into the creation of the main new dinosaur in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Glen is a stunning speaker, and some of the coolest things he tends to show are his own little character explorations and sketches.

2. A Graphic Look at Animation Posing and Staging

DNEG animation director Troy Saliba, who has just come off Venom, will share in this workshop the idea of the visual language of posing an animated character. This is a really practical workshop for artists looking to get into animation, straight from a professional.

3. NUKE Compositing

Hugo Guerra is a serious NUKE expert and he’ll run through in this masterclass a whole bunch of things that will help you make a good VFX shot become outstanding. Hugo is a fantastic demo artist, it’s really fun following along with him.

4. Masterclass in immersive sound

The diverse kinds of things you can takeaway from VIEW is kind of insane. In this masterclass you’ll learn about immersive sound from Gianni Ricciardi and Matteo Milani, who are experts in what’s required for VR and 360 degree sound.

5. Business pitches

The business pitches, happening right before VIEW kicks off on Sunday 21 October, are a little different to the workshops and masterclasses, but still incredibly practical in nature. One of them will detail how to deliver a business pitch, thanks to a number of game venture capitalists. And the other is with PDI founder Glenn Entis. Keep an eye out on the website for more details on these.

Follow the links for each masterclass or workshop above to find out more, and to find out how to buy tickets for the whole event or just each masterclass or workshop.

5 talks you have to see at VIEW


One of the great things about the VIEW Conference – taking place 22-26 October in Turin, Italy – is that you can basically sit down in the morning and stay all day to watch wall-to-wall incredible VFX and animation talks. And you can do that all week. It’s basically one inspiring speaker after another.

This year, VIEW’s programme is pretty much jam-packed with notable speakers, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing each day: plonking myself down and listening about the latest in feature film, TV show and immersive entertainment until the end of each day.

If you’re still tossing up whether to head over to VIEW, I thought I’d highlight just five of the many talks on offer this year, and why I think they are likely to offer something different than what you might see elsewhere.

1. Magic Leap’s John Gaeta


Everyone seems to know John Gaeta from the Matrix films and ‘bullet-time’ – and why wouldn’t you? That work will be ever-lasting in VFX history. But since then, Gaeta has gone on to do some amazing things, including at ILMxLAB and now at Magic Leap. His talk, ‘What is the Magicverse?’, is sure to give an insight into the, until now, largely secretive company and what it is doing in the AR/MR space.

2. ILM’s Dennis Muren


Dennis Muren could talk about just one of the many, many films he’s worked on, and it would be something I’d definitely see. But it’s his accumulated knowledge about filmmaking, ‘shots’ and the visual effects process that will be part of his talk, ‘Defining that critical, elusive & final 5%’, and that is something rarely discussed in this industry. Muren has been ‘threatening’ to write a book on the subject for years – you can count on him sharing some incredibly rich morsels of information in his talk.

3. Pixar DOP Danielle Feinberg


When you watch a normal live action film, if the cinematography is good, you probably don’t even realise the kinds of additions it is making to the story. That’s now the same way I feel about Pixar films. Director of photography Danielle Feinberg will be, in her talk ‘The Art of Cinematography: Storytelling with Light’, showing how camera and lighting are a huge part of animated storytelling on films like Coco, just as they are in live action.

4. Westworld VFX supervisor Jay Worth


I’m the first to admit that season 2 of Westworld kept bamboozling me, right up until the end (and afterwards). One thing that works so well amongst the chaos, however, is the invisible effects work. Readers will know I am OBSESSED with invisible effects, and Worth’s talk on Westworld will reveal the VFX work in the HBO show that you probably didn’t even know was there.

5. The Breadwinner director Nora Twomey


There’s something about Cartoon Saloon that makes their animated films stand out from the rest. Whether it’s embracing culturally relevant stories, or finding different emotions in their stories, the studio has managed to produce vastly different, and relevant, films. Cartoon Saloon’s Nora Twomey, who directed the Oscar-nominated The Breadwinner, is going to explore that further in her talk ‘Finding the intersection between empathy and entertainment’.

The full program is now online for VIEW – check it out at Now’s the time to buy tickets for the event, which also happens to be at a new venue, the OGR – Corso Castelfidardo. See you there!

How to see the past, present, and future of VFX at VIEW (and some unexpected things, too)


Here’s a key event you might not already have on your VFX calendar – but you should. It’s the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy on 22-26th October. This year, perhaps more than ever, you’ll be able to get a window into the classic days of visual effects, the latest in VFX releases and tech, and a glimpse into the future. And, as always, there’s a few surprises.

vfxblog runs down just some of the amazing speakers heading to VIEW, and what’s in store for attendees. Plus, I’ll be there covering the event and would love to say hi to like-minded VFX enthusiasts in Turin (it’s a super-cool city, too).

Tales from the past

Visual effects has gone through several ages – a practical effects and optical age, a digital explosion, and possibly a renaissance of practical work. One major force in the industry who has transcended all of these ages is ILM visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren, a multi-Oscar winner and major innovator in the industry. The films he’s worked on are almost too numerous to list – Star Wars, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and so many more. His talk, ‘Visual Effects: Defining that critical, elusive & final 5%’, is something rarely discussed in the VFX world.

Dennis Muren on the set of Return of the Jedi.

Several other speakers will also be able to offer up some exciting VFX history, including Glenn Entis, one of the co-founders of PDI, Don Greenberg, a pioneer in computer graphics research, and Kim Davidson, the CEO of Side Effects Software.

VFX of the present

Of course, most of the talks at VIEW deal with recent releases, and there are several that cover the latest visual effects in film and television. Major visual effects supervisors will be present: Rob Bredow (Solo), Dan Glass (Deadpool 2), Matt Aitken (Avengers: Infinity War), David Vickery (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Geoffrey Baumann (Black Panther), Mike Ford (Hotel Transylvania 3), Bill Watral (Incredibles 2), Dadi Einarsson (Adrift), Jay Worth (Westworld) and Joao Sita (Lost in Space).

Image Engine’s work for Lost in Space will be one of the presentations.

You can count on these talks including some incredible making of and breakdown materials, which tends to be the ONLY place you can see this stuff. (Indeed, as a writer of VFX articles, I’m always jealous about what can be shown at conferences like VIEW that don’t make it into print or online pieces!)

Into the future

Each of these visual effects supervisors is also likely to have a view on ‘what’s next’ in VFX – you should come to the conference and ask them directly. But also at VIEW will be a wealth of players in new and developing areas of the industry, including VR and real-time. For example, Kane Lee from immersive studio Baobab will be there, as will AATOAA’s Vincent Morisset, Google Spotlight Stories’ Jan Pinkava and Unity’s Veselin Efremov. You’ll be able to see what’s coming in these new worlds by hearing from the experts.

Jan Pinkava will be discussing his work at Google Spotlight Stories, including on the VR experience, Piggy.

A big surprise

In addition to all those VFX speakers, there’s also a wealth of animation-related talks also scheduled at VIEW from speakers from Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Paramount Pictures Animation and Cartoon Saloon – then this next big surprise is a total bonus. Paramount Pictures Animation president Mireille Soria and Cartoon Saloon’s Co-Founder and Breadwinner director Nora Twomey are just two of the big names in animation who will be speaking.

Hans Zimmer.

Then, if that’s not all huge enough, the conference has one last big, big surprise.

VIEW has managed to secure master composer Hans Zimmer to attend as one of the keynote speakers. Like Dennis Muren, Zimmer’s filmography is extensive and well-known, but in particular he has actually scored a ton of VFX and animation-heavy films such as The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight trilogy and most recently Blade-Runner 2049. I will certainly be curious to hear any of his thoughts on that cross-over between film music, VFX and animation, all things I love dearly.

Find out more and buy tickets for VIEW at the conference website, which will continue to update with new speakers and sessions:

Submit your film to VIEW Conference!


Are you a filmmaker? The 2018 VIEW Conference is now accepting submissions for its 2018 film competitions.

There’s a €2,000 first prize – the VIEW Award – for short animated film, and the ITALIANMIX award for Italian short films.

Here’s some more info on how to enter:

– The VIEW AWARD is open to professionals and students, individuals or groups. Entries must be 2D or 3D animated films of 30 minutes or less created after January 1, 2016. An international jury drawn from the VIEW conference speaker roster will award the prize.

– The ITALIANMIX award is open to Italian artists working individually or with a group. Animated, experimental, or documentary films of 30 minutes or less created after January 1, 2016 are accepted. The winner will receive a Wacom tablet.

– Any dialog in the films must be in English or Italian, or have subtitles in English or Italian. Each submission should come with a press kit, a description of the project, high res still images of the work, and director credits. There is a €10 fee to enter.

– To enter either competition, go to

– The deadline for entries is September 15, 2018.

The VIEW Conference takes place in Turin from October 22 to 26 and vfxblog will be there – you can register at