Come for the VIEW, stay for the workshops and masterclasses


Here at vfxblog, we’ve already previewed a bunch of great talks set to happen at the VIEW conference in Turin, which takes place 22-26 October. But there’s also a wealth of workshops and masterclasses on offer during the event. Here’s our top five:

1. Designing the Monster

In this masterclass, ILM animation supervisor Glen McIntosh will dive into the creation of the main new dinosaur in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Glen is a stunning speaker, and some of the coolest things he tends to show are his own little character explorations and sketches.

2. A Graphic Look at Animation Posing and Staging

DNEG animation director Troy Saliba, who has just come off Venom, will share in this workshop the idea of the visual language of posing an animated character. This is a really practical workshop for artists looking to get into animation, straight from a professional.

3. NUKE Compositing

Hugo Guerra is a serious NUKE expert and he’ll run through in this masterclass a whole bunch of things that will help you make a good VFX shot become outstanding. Hugo is a fantastic demo artist, it’s really fun following along with him.

4. Masterclass in immersive sound

The diverse kinds of things you can takeaway from VIEW is kind of insane. In this masterclass you’ll learn about immersive sound from Gianni Ricciardi and Matteo Milani, who are experts in what’s required for VR and 360 degree sound.

5. Business pitches

The business pitches, happening right before VIEW kicks off on Sunday 21 October, are a little different to the workshops and masterclasses, but still incredibly practical in nature. One of them will detail how to deliver a business pitch, thanks to a number of game venture capitalists. And the other is with PDI founder Glenn Entis. Keep an eye out on the website for more details on these.

Follow the links for each masterclass or workshop above to find out more, and to find out how to buy tickets for the whole event or just each masterclass or workshop.