Come for VIEW, stay for the workshops


One of the big drawcards of VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy is its workshops. These include masterclasses from big Hollywood directors, animators and visual effects artists and from specialized training bodies and industry players.

The workshops take place between 24 October and 28 October at VIEW.

Check out the list below and find out more here.

The DNA of Disney Character Design, Byron Howard, Director, ZOOTOPIA – This workshop will explore the appeal and design for animation.

Pitching Storyboards, Conrad Vernon, Director, SAUSAGE PARTY – Learn how to create and pitch a storyboard.

Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age, Donald Greenberg, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics Cornell University – In this short workshop, three or four topics from the Visual Imaging course will be presented to illustrate the very strong relationships existing between art and science.

Storytelling with Light, Sharon Calahan, Pixar, Director of Photography, THE GOOD DINOSAUR – A look at how to create beautiful and memorable images to enhance storytelling.

Scrutinizing the Writing Process & Lifestyle: 7 Hacks To Avoid Becoming A Hack, Marc Haimes, Screenplay Writer, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS – His workshop will introduce some of his favorite strategies for living a life that gives you the best chance at producing high level material.

Storyboarding in Feature Animation, David Feiss, Director, OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY – David explains the critical role of story boarding in animation in this hands-on workshop.

An Introduction to Environments Work, Audrey Ferrara, Environment Supervisor, The Jungle Book, MPC – When it comes to environment work, there is not one specific way to approach it, but many. In this workshop, we will focus on making one shot, using different techniques and explore the different results.

Animation Posing and Composition, Troy Saliba, Animation Supervisor, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, Sony Pictures Imageworks – This workshop focusses on the graphic principals of animation posing. Applying traditional shot planning techniques to CG animation and VFX. Using line of action, negative space, and staging to guid the eye of the audience.

Directing the Visual Story, Chris Perry, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, Hampshire College – Students in this workshop will explore the process of translating a script into a sequence of independent shots.

Pitch Perfect your Game, Josh Holmes, Franchise Creative Director, 343 Industries (Halo) – Get ready to pitch. What are the considerations for pitching an idea? This interactive workshop focuses on the process of developing a pitch for a game property. Participants will be challenged to take their game idea from initial concept to compelling pitch, presenting to the group.

UE4 Virtual Movie Production with Sequencer, Luis Cataldi, Education Evangelist, Epic Games – During this presentation, participants will learn about the new Unreal Engine cinematic Sequencer tool suite.

Intro to Unreal Engine 4 – Building a VR game from scratch, Sjoerd DeJong, Education Evangelist, Epic Games – During this workshop, Sjoerd De Jong, Unreal Engine Evangelist, will build a VR game from scratch working with freely available Unreal Engine assets.

Procedural Techniques using Houdini, Deborah Fowler, Professor of Visual Effects Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – Students in this workshop will be introduced to common procedural techniques, node-based workflow for visual effects, and a brief overview of SideFX’s Houdini and how it can be used to empower the artist.

Photographic “synecdoche” Master class and Photographic “Haiku” Master class, Michael Rubin, Fine art photographer, Director, The Rubin Collection – Rubin is offering a 2-hour workshop for photographers on the exploration of synecdoche. This workshop is open to novices and advanced photographers, as long as you have a camera or Smartphone with you. Most of the session will be a photowalk with Rubin. There will be special emphasis on photographic humor and juxtapositions.

3D Animation Taster, Alex Williams, Head of Animation, Escape Studios – This one-day taster course gives students an introduction to the art of 3D Animation, and giving a sense of what it’s like to work as a professional animator.

Flour + Salt = Animation, Lucia Modesto – Learn the principles of ANIMATION using flour and salt with Lucia Modesto who was Character Technical Director Supervisor for eighteen years at PDI and DreamWorks Animation.

Introduction to digital filmmaking and Visual Effects, Brittany Dukes, Screenwriter, Audio Tech, Media Production, Full Sail University – From the process of screenwriting, to pre-production, to shooting, and post production, young filmmakers will be given a sound foundation to build.

Portfolio review, J.C. Cornwell, Artist Manager, Sony Pictures Animation – JC Cornwell will offer live portfolio reviews and a recruitment session!

How to develop and publish your Virtual Reality game, Luca Deriu, Instructor, Founder, PlaySys – Using as an example the latest Virtual Reality 3D puzzle game qb, developed by PlaySys and published by Oculus in June 2016, Luca Deriu will sum up the experience of a videogame developer that has experimented with different game engines, rendering techniques and platforms.

More on VIEW’s workshops at this link.