An interview with Paul Debevec


Back in the late 90s I was still at university and I stumbled upon the SIGGRAPH Video Review. One piece I watched was Paul Debevec’s The Campanile Movie where he’d used image-based modeling and rendering techniques to do virtual camera moves on a bell tower at the UC Berkeley campus. It was also an example of photogrammetry. I was absolutely fascinated. Then The Matrix came out and used kinda similar techniques during the bullet-time sequences. I remembered all that vividly. At fxguide, Paul’s work on the light stages and then with virtual humans was a regular point of discussion. So I am stoked to present an interview I’ve done with Paul about his range of research that has influenced VFX, CG, VR and animation. He’s also speaking next week at SIGGRAPH Asia (where I’ll be, too). Here is the interview at Cartoon Brew.