The Boss Baby director put up with my crazy niece and nephews


Recently I got a chance to do a phone interview with director Tom McGrath, whose newest film is DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby. I was in Tasmania when I did the call, babysitting my amazing niece and nephews. But just because of the time I did the call, I had to ask the kids if they would be quiet for about 30 minutes.

They weren’t.

While I was transcribing the interview there were several moments I’d forgotten about where the kids came up to see and ask what I was doing, and others where they were fighting with each other in the background (and there’s a few moments of me saying ‘Shut up!’, too – thank goodness for the mute button on Skype…).

Anyway, I really enjoyed chatting to Tom, and the film is fun throwback to the look of old-school animation design in some ways. Check it out at Cartoon Brew.