Getting back on the Trojan Horse


The first time I went to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, we built sandcastles. The second time, there was bubble soccer. Who knows what’s in store for my third time?

I’ll find out on 18 September, when the fifth edition of this highly unique event – known as THU – gets underway in the resort town of Troia, Portugal.

There’s only one big problem with THU. Continue reading Getting back on the Trojan Horse

‘Men in Black’ and its crazy collection of real and CG creatures

Illustration by Aidan Roberts.

“I’ve always told people that when you have a movie that’s fairly complicated be sure to have a talking pug dog in it, because then you can fix things after with the same pose.”Eric Brevig, Men In Black visual effects supervisor

Twenty years ago, Barry Sonnenfeld delivered the quirky action sci-fier Men in Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, to adoring audiences. It is a film also adored for its combination of practical and digital effects, mixing Rick Baker’s makeup and creatures through this Cinovation Studios, with Industrial Light & Magic’s CG and miniatures handiwork. Several other studios – practical and digital – also contributed.

To celebrate the film’s two decade anniversary, vfxblog spoke to visual effects supervisor Eric Brevig about Men in Black’s aliens, humans who are actually aliens, and about the range of models and miniatures used in the show. We also dive into the major plot changes and plot fixes enabled via visual effects, plus the secrets Brevig learnt from Sonnenfeld in making comedic moments. Continue reading ‘Men in Black’ and its crazy collection of real and CG creatures