A hot tip for VIEW: get there a day early for the workshops and masterclasses


Most of the incredible visual effects and animation talks at the upcoming VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy start on Tuesday 24th October. But if you’re in town on Monday 23rd October, I would definitely suggest heading to the masterclasses and workshops.

Now, if you already have a ‘full access’ pass to VIEW, then you’re all set for both the masterclasses and workshops. Otherwise, you can buy individual tickets to attend the workshops and masterclasses. There’s a lot of diverse subjects to choose from, and a lot of short or longer ones, too, from digestible 2 hour sessions to half-days and full days! Many are on that first Monday, while others continue through the week.

Here’s my take on just a few of the must-see masterclasses and workshops to check out at VIEW.

Creating photorealistic digital humans (Hal Hickel, animation supervisor, ILM)


It would be hard to go past this workshop in a year that has seen some pretty incredible CG humans being made. And Hal is sure to be showing some of the most well put together breakdowns and technical info on the process for Tarkin and Princess Leia in Rogue One (ILM always has great breakdowns).

Sculpting and Designing with Paper (Megan Brain, paper sculpture designer – origami, Kubo and The Two Strings)

Did you love Kubo? Did you love the origami sequences? Then Megan is going to show you how Laika and its paper engineering time devised some of this work for the stop-motion animated film.

Documenting Technology and Innovation in Creative Industries (Leslie Iwerks, director, The Hand Behind the Mouse, The Pixar Story and ILM: Creating the Impossible)


If you’ve seen these three documentaries by Iwerks then you’ll already know she is a master at communicating major accomplishments in art and technology in a very accessible way. But how did she get great access? It’s at this masterclass that you’ll be able to find out.

Compositing in Nuke VS Game Engine for linear VR experience (Eloi Champagne, technical director – National Film Board of Canada, VR)


I strongly recommend you comb through the Masterclass listings for very hands on and practical classes – there are ones on Houdini, NUKE, photography, Unreal Engine and VR, for instance. This masterclass from Champagne looks intriguing because the world of compositing for VR is constantly changing.

Those are just some of the workshops and masterclasses available at VIEW. Check out a listing of all of them, along with the Talks here.

And see you in Turin!