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‘Resurgence’ visions

2016-02-02_Independence day-Resurgence_portfolio.pdf-pages_0011_12_WM

In vfxblog’s recent chat with Independence Day: Resurgence’s visual effects supervisor Volker Engel, he mentioned the importance of ‘selling’ the scope of the film to the studio before receiving the greenlight. Visual effects studio TRIXTER was crucial in this process, with its art department contributing key concept art for some of the film’s big scenes. Ultimately the studio also delivered on several visual effects sequences, too, as VFX supe Dominik Zimmerle outlines in this interview, complete with examples of the concepts and final shots.



Big explosions are fun to watch in films but do you think about how much work went on behind the scenes to make them?  Now you don’t have to as I rounded up some of the best for Thrillist.

Matzo crackers and cereal


Here’s my in-depth Cartoon Brew story on 4Ward’s visual effects for the amazing nuclear nightmare sequence in Terminator 2, which is now 25 years old. Talking to Robert Skotak was such a great experience.

T2 is 25: Robert Skotak’s liquid metal effects

T2Mercury-3James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day is 25 years old. Soon on Cartoon Brew, I’ll have a full-length piece tracing the effects work by 4WARD Productions for the nuclear nightmare sequence, thanks to an in-depth conversation I had with 4WARD’s Robert Skotak. But first, a special preview and a look behind the scenes at some other work 4WARD produced for T2 – the T-1000 re-assembly sequence in the steel mill, where the pools of liquid metal start to re-form. 

Volker Engel on Independence Day: Resurgence

1.1 Queen ground interaction sim

A few days after delivering the final effects shots on Independence Day: Resurgence, visual effects supervisor Volker Engel spoke to vfxblog about the significant effort behind Roland Emmerich’s newest film. Around 1700 vfx shots are in Resurgence, many of them massive effects simulations depicting the impact of a new wave of alien invasion on Earth. In this frank conversation, Engel takes us through the early stages of planning, then production and then post-production on the film.