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A long chat with a great vfx supe


Bill Westenhofer is a great guy and a great vfx supervisor – so I really enjoyed finding out more about his experience on Warcraft. This is my first piece for MovieMaker magazine. Read it to find out which shot Bill did himself on the film – in Blender!

The secrets behind Bad Robot’s vfx for ’10 Cloverfield Lane’

Illustration by Aidan Roberts.

Dan Trachtenberg’s highly secretive 10 Cloverfield Lane surprised audiences when it was released in March with its tense horror-thriller plot and surprise ending (btw, spoilers!). The JJ Abrams / Bad Robot-produced film mainly plays out in a doomsday bunker until the main character Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) finally encounters a mysterious space ship and alien creature above ground. Bad Robot’s in-house VFX unit Kelvin Optical completed these complicated effects as well as many other invisible shots. vfxblog talked to visual effects supervisor Luke McDonald, who also detailed deleted scenes and some unexpected effects duties.

Animator Tom St Amand reflects on 25 years of ‘The Rocketeer’


Joe Johnston’s The Rocketeer was released 25 years ago today – on 21 June, 1991. Tom St Amand was ILM’s stop motion animator on the film and responsible for bringing to life an armatured version of the flying character which would then be composited into live action aerial plates. vfxblog asked St Amand to go back a quarter of a century and discuss how motion control, stop motion and optical effects made those dynamic shots possible.

Battle of the vfx

Two of the nicest artists in vfx – Steve Kullback and Joe Bauer – are featured in this Variety video hosted by David Cohen on the Battle of the Bastards ep in Game of Thrones.