Going back to the early days of Weta

It must have been an amazing time at Weta in the mid-90s. Here’s a piece I wrote for One Perfect Shot which looks at the making of The Frighteners with vfx supe Wes Takahashi, who got brought in from ILM to help Weta finish making the film. He and the studio did a stellar job.


The Shallows has some amazing CG shark visuals, but you’d expect that with Important Looking Pirates on board, as well as VFX supervisor Scott E Anderson. I talked to Scott for this new piece on One Perfect Shot.

An ape film with no mocap?

Have to admit I was surprised no mocap was used for the apes in The Legend of Tarzan. That didn’t mean gray tracking suits weren’t used for reference, but none of this was for traditional performance capture data. Find out more in this interview with Framestore for One Perfect Shot.

Tentacles, and everything else

With Hank, Pixar’s creative and technical team has once again outdone itself. I talked to supervising technical director John Halstead about bringing the octopus to life, for OnePerfectShot.

Orc tusks are hard

ILM’s Hal Hickel talked to me for OnePerfectShot about the work behind Warcraft’s orcs, including why tusks were some of the hardest things to make work.