The VFX of Mary Poppins Returns

For VFX Voice, I asked Mary Poppins Returns vfx supervisor Matt Johnson about practical fx, combining 2D animated characters with live-action, and other work in the film.

Isle of Dogs and VFX

Every single frame of Isle of Dogs was touched by VFX, making for a great combination between hand-animated stop-motion, sets, and digital artistry. Read more in my VFX Voice story.

Renderman is 30. Woah.

For VFX Voice, I talked to some of the legends at Pixar about the history of RenderMan, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Includes some old-school pics.

New VFX Voice is out!

In the Fall 2018 issue of VFX Voice, I wrote about VFX problem solving, sharks, Oz and NZ VFX, What Dreams May Come, stuntvis and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. A really great issue!

Puppet time

For VFX Voice, I asked Stargate Studios VFX supe Sam Nicholson about the crazy work involved in making The Happytime Murders possible.

Kraken good animation

I talked to Imageworks vfx supe Mike Ford about the Kraken in Hotel Transylvania 3, and broke down the technical challenges, for VFX Voice.

New VFX Voice is…incredible

The latest VFX Voice magazine with Incredibles 2 on the cover is an issue I loved writing for – it includes a chat with Pixar producers for that film, plus VFX supes on ‘what’s in their kit’, coverage of Black Panther, Infinity War and Stranger Things 2.

Inside the Falcon

For VFX Voice, I asked Solo vfx supervisor Rob Bredow about some of the rear projection work for the cockpit scenes.