Willow is 30!

It’s very nearly the 30th anniversary of Ron Howard’s Willow, a huge effects film full of practical fx, miniatures, optical composites, matte paintings…and digital morphing. This was ILM’s big breakthrough into 2D image manipulation. I recently wrote about for VFX Voice magazine, and you can check out that article here.

From VFX to directing

For VFX Voice, I talked to a number of VFX artists who have made the jump to directing: Hasraf Dulull, Victor Perez and Miguel Ortega. Check out the projects they’ve worked on and tips for becoming a director.

Willow is morfing is Willow

There are actually sooo many great effects shots in Willow, but for me it was ILM’s use of ‘morfing’ that made that project so memorable. It’s now 30 years old, and here’s the VFX Voice piece I was able to do on the film.

Spring VFX Voice is out!

The latest issue of VFX Voice is now out, with Wrinkle in Time on the cover, and has a bunch of content I was able to contribute. I’ll post some links to some of those stories in the coming days.

Visualizing The Last Jedi

Previs, postvis and techvis: it’s now pretty much part of all big VFX films. Here’s how The Third Floor contributed its skills to The Last Jedi, at VFX Voice.

The latest from VFX Voice

At VFX Voice, two new online articles I wrote have now been published. The first is a breakdown of one scene from Downsizing, which utilised some neat miniaturisation effects. And the second is about the awesome stampede in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

VFX Voice on The Last Jedi

What a thrill to chat to ILM vfx supe Ben Morris about The Last Jedi (we did this a few months before the film was out – it was tough!). VFX Voice magazine has the story.

Re-visiting Jumanji

Anyone who saw Jumanji in the 90s knew that CG and VFX was already changing films forever. I got to chat to former ILM animation supervisor and now director Kyle Balda about his work on it, for VFX Voice magazine.

Latest VFX Voice pieces…there’s a lot

The latest VFX Voice magazine – January 2018 – has a whole bunch of features I was able to contribute to, and I’ll run through them over the next few days. First up is a piece looking at the VFX Oscar contenders.

Paddington 2 pop-up fun

Go and see Paddington 2. Just see it. It’s so good. Here’s a look at how Framestore pulled off that cool pop-up book sequence, at VFX Voice.