Horses everywhere

In February, I wrote this piece for 3D World magazine about their horse and rider agent. Check out the tutorial that Steven Regelous did, too.

Proceduralism from Rise

Back for the February 2018 issue of 3D World magazine, I talked to Rise FX about their use of procedural workflows in Houdini for Babylon Berlin and The Dark Tower.

The OASIS has you

Check out the latest 3D Artist magazine for my behind the scenes look at Ready Player One and the work of ILM and Digital Domain.

From VFX to directing

For VFX Voice, I talked to a number of VFX artists who have made the jump to directing: Hasraf Dulull, Victor Perez and Miguel Ortega. Check out the projects they’ve worked on and tips for becoming a director.

Willow is morfing is Willow

There are actually sooo many great effects shots in Willow, but for me it was ILM’s use of ‘morfing’ that made that project so memorable. It’s now 30 years old, and here’s the VFX Voice piece I was able to do on the film.

Spring VFX Voice is out!

The latest issue of VFX Voice is now out, with Wrinkle in Time on the cover, and has a bunch of content I was able to contribute. I’ll post some links to some of those stories in the coming days.