Down the rabbit hole

The latest 3D World magazine includes my piece on Animal Logic’s vfx for Peter Rabbit. Check out the magazine here.

Visualizing The Last Jedi

Previs, postvis and techvis: it’s now pretty much part of all big VFX films. Here’s how The Third Floor contributed its skills to The Last Jedi, at VFX Voice.

The Tick and the CG human

Have you been watching The Tick? It’s a really zany superhero show with some pretty great VFX work, including a fully CG human giant made by FuseFX. Check out Cartoon Brew for the story.

Tips from the VFX Oscar nominated supes for working with directors

Joe Letteri. Chris Townsend. John Nelson. Stephen Rosenbaum. Ben Morris. They all weigh-in in this piece for Cartoon Brew on how they worked with their director. An amazing part of this piece is that I was able to speak to three of these visual effects supervisors (John Nelson, Joe Letteri and Chris Townsend) at VIEW…

Digital humans are here

For 3D Artist I looked back at a year that featured some insane digital human work by MPC, Image Engine and Lola VFX. I bet you can guess which projects…

A candid chat with the director of Peter Rabbit

“We did a lot of planning and then I threw it all out, and then I planned it again, and then I threw it all out.” I had a really frank discussion with Will Gluck, the director of Peter Rabbit about working on the hybrid cg-live action feature, with VFX by Animal Logic. Check it…

The latest from VFX Voice

At VFX Voice, two new online articles I wrote have now been published. The first is a breakdown of one scene from Downsizing, which utilised some neat miniaturisation effects. And the second is about the awesome stampede in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

A guide to the best horror effects

For MovieMaker magazine, I talked to practical and digital effects artists from Blood Brothers and Alchemy24 about combining forces to make some killer horror fx. The full story is in the MovieMaker ‘Complete Guide to Making Movies 2018’.

How Snoke evolved in The Last Jedi

For Cartoon Brew, I sat down with ILM London to discuss Snoke, and how a bunch of changes were made during and after shooting to make the character more menacing.