Tips from the VFX Oscar nominated supes for working with directors


Joe Letteri. Chris Townsend. John Nelson. Stephen Rosenbaum. Ben Morris. They all weigh-in in this piece for Cartoon Brew on how they worked with their director.

An amazing part of this piece is that I was able to speak to three of these visual effects supervisors (John Nelson, Joe Letteri and Chris Townsend) at VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy in October 2017. That’s three Oscar-nominated supervisors at the one event (incredibly, VIEW in 2017 also featured the Oscar nominated animated features The Breadwinner and Loving Vincent).

If you haven’t been to VIEW before, I strongly recommend it – in 2018 the conference is on October 22-26. It’s a small event compared to say a big SIGGRAPH or FMX, but this intimacy is VIEW’s selling point. You actually get to interact with the speakers themselves, and they are presenting on THE big films and projects of the year, as evidenced by the Oscar nominees who tend to be there.

Keep an eye out on for information on what will be coming up at VIEW this year.

In every age, there is a cause worth fighting for…


That line begins the 1997 trailer for Starship Troopers. When I first saw that trailer I was spellbound. When I first saw the film, and realised there was A LOT more going on in the Paul Verhoeven film than people realised, I was hooked. It’s got to be one of the best satires made, and it sure has some of the best VFX I’ve still seen – thanks to a lot of players, from Tippett Studio to Imageworks, ADI and more. Recently I sat down with Phil Tippett to discuss the bug work, and how the film was greenlit, and what he thinks of VFX today – I was giddy doing this interview. Hope you enjoy it at Cartoon Brew.

When you get to go to the beach for work


Animal Logic has done some killer stuff on The LEGO Ninjago Movie. A lot of the original look for the film came from referencing natural elements, like sand, water, smoke and fire. The studio’s FX team even went to Bondi Beach in Sydney and dunked LEGO minifigs in the breaking waves to see what that would look like. I asked them all about it for Cartoon Brew.