Brenda Chapman on life after Pixar

At Trojan Horse, I spoke to Brave director Brenda Chapman on what she’s been up to after Pixar. Great news is she and husband Kevin Lima have a hybrid film they are pitching. The interview is at Cartoon Brew.

Wolf pack wonderment

For Storks, Sony Pictures Imageworks had some fun scenes to make including those involving the shape-shifting wolf pack. I wrote about the work for Cartoon Brew.

Review: Inside VFX

I reviewed Inside VFX for Cartoon Brew. This is a book written by a vfx artist who opens up on his view of the problems in the industry. It’s a good read, and surprises with a number of economics details.

It takes an army at Weta Digital

For Cartoon Brew, I got a chance to feature a number of the artists at Weta Digital who worked on Pete’s Dragon to talk about their specific disciplines – from roto and paint to animation, creature dev and compositing.

Matzo crackers and cereal

Here’s my in-depth Cartoon Brew story on 4Ward’s visual effects for the amazing nuclear nightmare sequence in Terminator 2, which is now 25 years old. Talking to Robert Skotak was such a great experience.

Photogrammetizing Phil Tippett’s very awesome stop-mo puppets

It was announced a short while ago that Phil Tippett and his studio were contributing to an AR game called HoloGrid: Monster Battle. Then they had a successful Kickstarter for the game, so it’s definitely happening! Also, they used photogrammetry to capture Phil’s various stop motion puppets for use in the game – here’s my…

‘A Surreal Lucid Nightmare’

That’s a great way to describe anything, let alone a cinematic launch trailer. So when Axis Animation followed the idea for the new Dawn of War III, I had to to talk them – here’s the final piece for Cartoon Brew, with LOTS of behind the scenes.

Bebop & Rocksteady together again

ILM’s vfx work in the new TMNT film is top-notch. I especially liked the comedy duo Bebop and Rocksteady so I found out more from vfx supe Pablo Helman in this article for Cartoon Brew.

The making of ILM’s caricature

For Dragonheart (released in 1996), ILM needed a facial animation system. So they made one and called it Caricature (they almost called it ‘Fanny’). Here’s a new retro vfx piece at Cartoon Brew.