SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 preview: facial and speech animation for VR HMDs


I’ve been to a couple of amazing SIGGRAPH conferences now, and I’m the first to admit that most of the research presented in the Technical Papers is way beyond me. But I always remain fascinated by this part of the proceedings, and every now and then something you see at SIGGRAPH finds it way into some mainstream tech or a feature film, or, these days, a VR application or hardware.

Enter Hao Li, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at USC and now Director of the Vision and Graphics Lab at USC ICT. He’s also the CEO and Founder of AR and face swapping start-up Pinscreen (which I wrote about here). Hao’s area of expertise is performance capture, digital humans, faces and VR. And a combination of all of these.

It’s not surprising then that research he is part of is being presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 in Macao (5-8 December) in the area of facial and speech animation for VR head mounted displays. Actually, the full citation of the paper is:

Kyle Olszewski, Joseph J. Lim, Shunsuke Saito, Hao Li
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition in Asia 2016, 12/2016 – SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016

I had a chat to Hao about what this all means. Of course, for more in-depth info you can read the paper, watch the video below, or attend SIGGRAPH Asia in Macao to see this and many other great technical papers. I’ll be there too, so come say hi!  Continue reading SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 preview: facial and speech animation for VR HMDs

Stopmo-VR? Phil Tippett’s Mad GOD launches into a new dimension


Phil Tippett’s stop motion passion project, Mad GOD, is getting its VR release via Wevr. The virtual reality experience made by Kaleidoscope and Wevr puts you among the hand-crafted puppets of this crazy Tippett world.

It will be released on the Wevr Transport platform on the Samsung Gear VR. And you can also watch the behind the scenes video, Fever Dreams – Phil Tippett & The Making of Mad God VR, below.